About Cape Breton Island

Cape Breton Island is attractive for people looking for a pristine, friendly, and safe location to work. With more than 8,400 businesses, Cape Breton Island is home to a vibrant, innovative, and diverse business community. Cape Breton’s top sectors are: transportation; technology and innovation; renewable energy; seafood and agri-food; tourism; advanced manufacturing; education and research; engineering and environmental services; forestry/minerals; and arts and culture.

Cape Breton is world-renowned for its breathtaking natural landscape and safe, friendly communities. People are drawn to the region’s living culture – and its Celtic, Acadian, and Mi’kmaq history and traditions. International festivals, museums, national historic sites, and major cultural events contribute to the richness of life on the Island. The beauty of Cape Breton is displayed in every season, with warm summers, spectacular autumns, crisp winters and pleasant springs.

The Island is home to an extensive network of national heritage sites, museums, and experiential-based tourism assets. Known for its unique music, languages, cuisine, and the visual arts, Cape Breton and the people of the Island continue to honour age-old traditions while going out-of-way to welcome new migrants from across the country and around the world. Cape Breton Island has a population of 132,010 in 5 municipalities and 5 Mi’kmaw Communities.

For more information on what you can expect in Cape Breton, visit www.welcometocapebreton.ca and download our e-book! The website and e-book contain information on housing and lifestyle, culture, things to do, as well as immigration streams.