About Cape Breton Job Board

The Cape Breton Job Board is Cape Breton-Unama’ki’s online platform to unite employers from across the Island to opportunity seekers domestically and internationally. Due to Cape Breton-Unama’ki’s changing demographics and anticipated labour shortages, domestic and international talent attraction will play a key role now and into the future for the Island’s growth and prosperity.

The Cape Breton Job Board is an initiative the Cape Breton Partnership, Cape Breton Island’s private sector led economic development organization. 

Process for opportunity seekers:

  1. Create a profile
  2. Upload relevant documents, including resume, degree, and language test (if necessary)
  3. Apply for opportunities directly on the job board
  4. Wait for a response from an employer

Process for employers:

  1. Create a profile
  2. Post your opportunity
  3. Wait for opportunity seekers to apply directly on the job board
  4. Review the opportunity seekers and proceed to your normal selection process

Note: The Cape Breton Partnership does not facilitate matches between employers and employees. Hiring practices will be at the sole discretion of the employer.