Last updated: August 8th, 2021

1. Introduction

The Cape Breton Partnership has created a privacy policy to provide an overview of how information will be handled that is collected for the purposes of the Cape Breton Job Board (administered by the Cape Breton Partnership in collaboration with stakeholders who share our core mission for the platform);

To help Cape Breton employers find qualified opportunity seekers to meet their labour needs; realizing that due to demographical challenges, immigration will play a key role in sustaining our population and managing labour demands.

2. Information Collected

The Cape Breton Job Board will collect information that is relevant to its core mission (please see section 1).


We collect information from the employer as it pertains to the user, and the organization:

  • Industry
  • Opportunity Details
  • Address and Location
  • Wage Subsidy eligibility and confirmation (Canada Summer Jobs)
  • User specific information (Name, Contact Information, Title, email etc.)


We collect information, with some being immigration related if applicable, from opportunity seekers that is most relevant to the employer:

  • Contact information
  • Residency Status in Canada
  • Address and Country of Residence
  • Highest level of education attained & Area of Study
  • Official Language Testing Results (if applicable)
  • Official Educational Credential Assessment Results (if applicable)
  • Resume (CV)
  • Previous work experience

Purpose of Information Collected

Information may be collected for the purpose of providing employers information that facilitate their hiring decision.

Opportunity Seekers

Some additional immigration related information may be collected to help the opportunity seeker and employer identify the eligibility and opportunities available to secure a qualified opportunity seeker. Such information may include residency status in Canada, country of residence, Official language testing results, Educational Credential Assessment results etc.

The platform uses the data to

  • create and verify an account;
  • provide relevant search results and job recommendations;
  • allow opportunity seeker to apply for employment opportunities on Cape Breton Island;
  • facilitate communication as part of the job search, application and interview process;
  • match opportunity seekers with employer opportunities;
  • improve the Cape Breton Job Board's product quality and protect users.

How is your information shared


Organizational profiles and opportunities will be automatically viewable as soon as the Cape Breton Partnership verifies each organization's profile and posting(s). Should the Cape Breton Partnership require further information, employers will be contacted through the information provided on the account created (Business Owner/Operator, or HR Recruiter) or through the Organization's contact information.

Opportunity Seekers

A opportunity seeker's profile, along with its documentation, is shared with employers when applying for a position. An employer is then able to access the opportunity seeker's profile, including all documentation uploaded.

Storage Timeframe

The Cape Breton Partnership will store data for a maximum of 18 months. If an account is inactive on the site for 18 months, the account will be deactivated.


The Cape Breton Partnership takes privacy very seriously, this includes the right to access Personal Data; delete Personal Data; get Personal Data in a portable format; and the rights to restrict or object to certain processing of Personal Data. Where use of Personal Data is based on consent, those using the Cape Breton Job Board have the right to withdraw that consent in which case the profile will be deactivated and data deleted if the user explicitly writes us to do so.